The best known street with all kinds of restaurants and bars in Apeldoorn comes alive during the annual additional feast 't Proefstraatje.

‘t Proefstraatje is an initiative of entrepreneurs from the Van Kinsbergenstraat in Apeldoorn, where you can enjoy the best dishes from different cuisines as a visitor.

During the tasting of delicious snacks and matching drinks you will be entertained with performances by various artists such as bands, dance groups, street theatre, DJ's and more. 't Proefstraatje has its own currency, the so-called ' Proefmunten ', which you can use again at the next edition.

The last event "Viva Hollandia" took place on Sunday June 1, 2014 and thousands of Burgundian guests visited a red-white-blue-orange Proefstraatje!

We are working hard on the next preuvenement, our first anniversary edition, on Sunday May 1, 2016 (Sunday shopping) from 1:00 to 11:00 PM. This edition will be dominated by the Giro d'Italia, which will start in Gelderland this year: "’t Proefstraatje goes Pink!".

't Proefstraatje is not just the place to be at these events, because on all other days as well you are king as a guest in the various restaurants and cafes, each with a unique atmosphere and cuisine.

We are pleased to welcome you during the upcoming preuvenement, but visit us as often as you like for a fun and tasty night out in ‘t Proefstraatje of Apeldoorn!

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